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The *US Snowboard Racing Team* (USSRT) is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization formed to help both the elite and the promising young athletes in the United States. Working in conjunction with USSA and USASA, we strive to promote and grow the sport to build an internationally competitive group of athletes. The goal of USSRT is to promote, build and sustain the original snowboarding sport of racing the clock.  Although we are a relatively small group, we are significant to the snowboarding community as a whole, and our athletes deserve every opportunity that other Olympic snowboarding disciplines have.    


Meet the team


Here is our new team for the 2018-19 season!! We have expanded the team to include and elite, Nor-Am and Junior team. Qualfying for the Elite Team was calculated from the base FIS list of the 2017-18.
 Again,in our first round of fundraising, we have a goal of $40,000 by October 1st. These funds will cover the administrative costs including insurance, web hosting, and few other minor administrative costs. More importantly, our goal is to help cover expenses for our elite athletes competing on the World Cup season, and to send our Junior Team to the World Junior Championships .

Steve MacCutcheon

Born and raised in Vail, Colorado, Steven MacCutcheon was snowboarding by age five. He started racing competitively by

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AJ Muss

AJ started snowboarding around 3 on a family ski trip to Colorado and started competing on the East

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Ryan Rosencranz

Ryan, 24, grew up outside of Boston and snowboarded on weekends at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. A

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Robby Burns

Robby Burns was born and raised in the small mountain town of Mt. Shasta, CA, where his passion

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Karina Bladon

Karina grew up chasing her three older brothers on a snowboard through the woods and the ice in

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Emilio Botero

Snowboarding has taken Emilio all across the world in his over 20 seasons of riding. Growing up in New England,

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Dylan Udolf

Dylan Udolf is a rising junior at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. A 2x national champion, 2x Junior

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Lynn Ott

Lynn learned how to snowboard in Bend, OR, where she fell in love with the sport. Although she

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Abby Champagne

Having trained at the prestigious Carrabassett Valley Academy on the icy peak of Sugarloaf Maine, Abby has obtained

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Here is the new Junior Team for 2018-19!!

Jacob Mccarthy

Jacob McCarthy lives in Edina, MN.  He started skiing at the age of 2 and switched to snowboarding

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Lexi Bullis

Lexi is 18 years old and has always participated in both skiing and snowboarding since the age of

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Will Taylor

At age 17 Will Taylor still lives in the Minneapolis suburb, Wayzata, that he was born and raised

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Cody Winters

Cody Winters grew up in the small ski town of Steamboat Springs where he started snowboarding with the

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Kaiya Kizuka

Kaiya is 18 years old and just graduated from Wilson High School. She started to snowboard at the

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Support Us

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who donated to the USSRT last season. This season, we strive to exceed last year’s donations, and get us closer to our ultimate goals of fully funding our team members.  Racing on the Elite level requires more than just a board and some plane tickets.  Racers atop the World Cup Podium often have full time coaches, wax technicians, and physiologists on their team, as well as financial support for the expenses of travel and equipment.  These are the things that USSRT looks to provide for our athletes as countdown to Beijing begins.                



Our racers work hard in the summer months to offset some of their expenses of travel and training throughout the season. In order to be competitive with the rest of the world these elite athletes need to devote 100% to being the best they can be. The travel alone can cost between $20-25,000 per season.


The equipment for an elite level snowboard racer is now mostly custom made. The boards on the World Cup level average $1500, just for the board alone. Each racer needs at a race board and a trainer for each disipline.


The US Snowboard Racing Team is dedicated to hiring the best coaches to work with both the elite and grassroots programs to ensure success today and for the up and coming youngsters.


Without the fans, parents and volunteers, this program could not succeed. Our goal is to have our fans feel like they are part of our program and include them on the current affairs of the team.

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Board Members: Mike Trapp, Ashley Deibold, Abbi Nyberg, Noah Cermak, Jim Doyle, Josh Wylie and Project Manager Lynn Ott