The season is off to a good start for the team! Even though the first races at Copper mountain were cancelled due to a lack of snow, the team got some good training runs in to prepare for the first Norams and World Cups.

Mike Trapp and Justin Reiter went to Italy for the first World Cups of the season with Mike placing 18th in the Slalom and Justin Reiter in 14th. Justin finished 6th the in the Parallel GS in Carezza as well. Great job guys!

On the home front, the rest of the team went to Buck Hill, Minnesota. AJ Muss cleaned up and topped the podium twice; while Lynn Ott represented with a first and a third.

Le Relais was questionable for it to be cancelled as well due to the warm temperatures and lack of snow; however, with the help of Mother Nature the temperatures dropped enough for the area to make enough snow for the event to be held! Mike Trapp caught the red-eye flight from Europe to make it back for this Noram which proved to be a smart move. The first day AJ Muss topped the podium once again with Converse Fields and Mike following right behind for an All-American podium. On the women’s side Maggie Carrigan and Lynn Ott unfortunately had to meet in an earlier round which eliminated the possibility for 2 Americans in the top stop. They both had a couple bobbles in the finals and ended up with Maggie in second and Lynn in third. The second day the men rode well again with Trapp in second, Converse fourth and AJ in fifth. Maggie rode well enough to earn third place for 2 podiums in the weekend.



The Nor-am season is nearly over with the crazy scheduling of events this year. Aj Muss is tearing it up being well ahead of the rest of the field and the most nor-am wins in one season.  And most recently he headed over to Europe for the World Cup in Germany and just missed qualifying for the finals by .09.

Justin Reiter is moving up in the World Cup group each race. He was the top American finisher at World Championships with a 14th in PSL and mostly recently a 9th in the World Cup in Germany!

Mike Trapp is working hard to get in to the finals, just missing it by fractions of a second.

The battle is heating up for the overall Nor am title in the ladies field, with Lynn Ott and Maggie Carrigan neck and neck after Lynn won the national PGS title and Maggie winning the PSL national title.

Converse and Steve are vying for position as well but there is a Canadian they will have to topple to fight for a nor am spot.


Justin has been on a roll! 6th in the Asahikawa, JPN World Cup and his first World Cup victory in Moscow, Russia. Congratulations!! Converse traveled to Europe for a couple Europa Cups and finished with 2 top tens!
Maggie Carrigan qualified for the Junior World Championships in China. Good luck Maggie! The US is starting to make a name for themselves in the racing world!


The season ended with a bang! Aj Muss is the overall Nor-Am champion with the most Nor-Am wins ever; then he went on to win both events the USASA Nationals.

Not only did Justin Reiter have his first World Cup victory, he was also 3rd overall on the World Cup scene.

Converse Fields had his best season by finishing 3rd on the Nor-Am circuits and finished 3rd at USASA Nationals.

Maggie Rose had two podium finishes at USASA NAtionals and and was 3rd on the Nor-Am!

Mike Trapp had a strong finish with a 2nd and fourth at USASA Nationals.

Lynn Ott finished the season with a 2nd and a 3rd place finish at the USASA Nationals and second on the Nor-Am.

Speedy Steve had several Nor-Am podiums before being place on the injured reserve list but looking to come back stronger than ever!

All in all it was a great season and we plan to take this momentum in to the next season as we start our initial drive for the 2018 Olympics in Korea!!

THIS SEASON WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!!! We met our fundraising goal and we were able to help send 8 athletes to Junior Worlds with Billy Winters having tow TOP TEN finishes!! We also assisted the World Cup competitors with their expenses as well. As for US Nationals Justin Reiter and Mike Trapp were 1st and second  in the PSL and Justin earned a second place in the PGS. On the women’s side Maggie earned a second place in the Slalom and Lynn was third place in the Parallel Giant Slalom.
To top it all off Mike Trapp was third in the overall standings in the Nor Am which earned the US another spot for the men on the World Cup for next season! We hope to triple our fundraising for next season to help our athletes even more!!